My Dilemma – What Do I Eat?

Jenee enjoying the abundance of fresh vegetables in Rishikesh, India!

Man I am so sick of food, food, food, what I should eat, what I should not eat, what are the right foods to eat, what are the wrong foods to eat! Sometimes I just wish I never ever picked up a book about nutrition!

So many years of my life have been wasted obsessing about food... If I could have one wish I think I would wish to never think about food again. I wish for the obsession about food and what to eat to just disappear forever! OH WOW! What bliss!

Maybe Breatharians really do have it right... They have managed to find away to live where their lives do not revolve around food anymore! I know there are many questions about whether there are really any true Breatharians and if it is actually possible to live without eating, surviving on nourishment from prana or breath of life. Or is Breatharianism just another example of the human mind taking everything to the extreme? After all even the Buddha ate food, although very little and never after 12 noon. After about 7 years of fasting himself into a skeleton he realized that the middle path is the way to Enlightenment and not dwelling in this extreme or that extreme and began to eat some food again.

So WHAT do I eat! Oh man I am sick of that question and I sure my partner is just as sick to death of that question! Being someone who has never eaten a typical SAD diet, grew up on a farm eating home-cooked meals and loads of fruit and veggies, went vegetarian at the age of 12 years and spending the rest of my young life obsessed about being a skinny-minny and being healthy, junk food was not part of my life! I have never eaten McDonald's and do not like the taste of sugar, oil, butter or fried food; I am honestly one of those rare few who actually love healthy food! And yes, I sure LOVE food otherwise I would not be sitting in this predicament and I would not need my one wish but I am lucky I do not have to hold myself back from fried chips, take-out and vegan junk food!

So again WHAT do I EAT??! So I always ate what most people would consider a very healthy diet, I lived most my life out of the city and breathing fresh air, I grew up in a family where sport was more important than art and music so I was active to varying degrees my whole life, I have been interested in a more deeper and meaningful life, I followed my dream and traveled the world, I educated myself about health, alternative healing and nutrition but yet I spent many years sick and still spend many days with odd niggling health issues no one seems to understand and I sure do not either!

So again WHAT do I eat? Man the amount of time I have spent obsessing about that exact question makes me mad! I really wish I could forget about that question and just get on with life! But we all know life isn't that simple because of our human mind and its attachment to everything!

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