The Raw Question

Car Full of Citrus!

The question is still there... with all this thinking, analyzing, questioning, reading and experimenting you would think I would have the answer! Life would be so boring if we had all the answers wouldn't it?

There have been times in my life I thought I found the answers to my relentless question of WHAT do I eat along with a answer to the ongoing riddles of my health issues. I really believed I found the answer when I found a fruit based raw vegan diet (or 80/10/10 or low fat raw vegan diet), back in 2008 and my health improved so much but I gained a lot of weight. And let’s be honest no one wants to turn into a porker ~ especially not me!

I needed to eat a lot of fruit and volumes of salads and veggies to feel satisfied and not hungry all the time and to not think about food 24/7 and get on with life! So the weight piled on, the digestive issues got worse as my little body just could not deal with this mountain of food. Never mind the fact that it is just not sustainable to have to have so much ripe fruit at your disposal everyday, especially since I was living on the road! And probably even worse, I was led to believe that I had to eat A LOT of fruit if I wanted to succeed on a raw diet. Yes defy nature and think you will get the results you want! Sorry life does not work like that! Work with the laws of nature and nature will work with you. Eat more that your body needs in whatever form of calories you like and you will gain weight. Too much fruit can make you fat! Calories in – calories out! Funny how the people who drilled that advice into me and many others are, no longer raw and have been known to eat 4 vegan pizzas for dinner and insane amounts of cooked food. Free of eating disorders? I think not! So back to the drawing board!

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