Why does everybody think they have the answer for everybody else?

We have bigger house but smaller families; more conveniences, but less time...

WHAT do I eat? Some more research, some more talking, a load more thinking and questioning and analysing (I am definitely good at this) and trying to once again to find the answer with the human mind... And once again I try this, I try that, I do this, I do that and then I am left sooner or later with the same question...

So WHAT do I eat? What should I eat so I can feel and look my best? Should I stick to a 100% raw diet, face the weight gain and trust one day the water retention with magically disappear and the weight will begin to fall off? Should I run like a mad woman ever day so there is no chance of weight gain or water retention (OCD!!) or fast? Juice Cleanse? Drink Green Tea? Oh Man, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of this question! I am so sick of all the talk about food. I am so sick of everybody thinking they have the answer for everyone else.

Why do so many raw foodist think they the answer to every bodies problems? I am so sick of all the self-proclaimed gurus who went raw, lost weight, felt well and one year later (Ok maybe a few years later!) think they have all the answers to the human dilemma... Oh yes, I am sick of being part of the only dumb-ass species who has no idea what we are really meant to eat! We are the only species who argue about the one thing ever other species is born knowing... What do I eat!!

So WHAT do I eat?? Man that question does not want to go away... so being the person I am and understanding that we are not just physical beings I begin to look deeper.... what happens if I am asking the wrong question? What happens if the answer to my problems has nothing to do with what do I eat? Ok smart ass then what does the question have to do about!

I meditate on it, I ask for guidance, I brain storm, I read and research, I ask friends and others for advice, I work with my angel cards and I think I have it figured out for now anyway! So I my quite moments, feeling connected and present, feeling strong and determined with fresh inspiration I think I know what to do. I think I have figured it out once again and arrived at the same answer. I write out my ideal day, I focus my energies and figure out how I can fit in all the things that are important in my life – 2 hours of meditation, daily yoga, nourishing food and juices, running in the mountains and on the beach, time with friends, quality time with my partner, time to do things around the house, in the garden, on the computer and in the world, get enough sleep and, and, and! So yes there are many self-development things I like to do in my life. I believe this is what my life is for and I try and make choices and actions that support this belief.

Fruity Gypsy - Meditating
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