What the Gurus Say... Is there any truth?

We are chronically sleep-deprived.

So I have my ideal day stuck on the fridge (never mind the fact that the ideal day paper has changed already quite a few times), I have my positive affirmations stuck next to it and I wake up with the best intentions.

I wake up and do my ‘self- Love Routine’ – oil pulling simple joint exercises and breathing exercises while sitting up in bed before running off to the toilet! Then I do my dry brushing on my body and face and have a shower! Have something small to drink – small glass of green tea with ginger is the latest order of the day to dry and dry up some of the excesses dampness in my body- before I sit my bum down on my meditation cushion and try and quieten my crazy non-stop mind! For the next hour I try and meditate between all the chitter- chatter of ‘What do I eat?, Should I eat 100% raw, should I eat some simple cooked food, what am I doing with my life? How am I contributing to the world? Blah, blah, blah. Maybe I get a few moments of silence! Alarm buzzes – I am free from that misery – now I can get up get busy drinking, eating, doing this, doing that, talking about this, talking about that... now I can live out my ideal day and see if it works!

With all the best intentions I get up from the meditation cushion and head to the kitchen to make my favorite green juice (cucumber, celery, beet with some herbs and greens). But while there I need to tidy this and clean that, I need to talk about this and chat about that, oh and I have to just check something really quick online and now I really need to get back on track and stick with the plan! Sit down in the sunshine, do my angel card reading, drink my juice and get myself on the yoga mat! Ok so today I pulled it off! Everything went to plan! For the first half of yoga I kept thinking about how hunger I was and what I will eat today before finally I found some stillness in the monkey mind and was able to stay more present with my breathe and enjoy just being. Oh why is that so hard? I understand that the only place I will find real peace, real happiness and real joy is right here, right now, by BEING rather than doing! After a great yoga session I got up and I realized I no longer felt hungry. I had indeed been nourished and filled by something deeper – the big empty hole in me had been filled by the present....

Today is my tomorrow...

Go Raw....Is that the Answer? Is that the answer to What do I eat? Please put me and everyone around me out of the misery and just tell me WHAT do I eat? No I do not only know what you eat and how wonderful you feel, how much weight you lost and how all your health problems disappeared and want to really know on a deep level of knowing and believing with full faith in the answer, What do I eat.

I want to wake up tomorrow morning and know this answer in every cell of my being. Have deep faith in the direction I am traveling, knowing I have taken the right road but I just need to keep going. I need to go through all the traffic lights, over the speed bumps, around the corner, turn around as soon as possible whenever I innocently took the wrong road. I need to believe that the choices I make are for my highest good.

I know longer trust what every health guru says and claims as I know too much and know they are not telling the truth. Honestly is no longer what makes you respected. People want to put you on a pedestal and think you are immortal and most raw food and health gurus continue to play this out. No one wants to admit they actually eat some cooked food, they do not look like their profile picture on Facebook, they have gained weight and now are too ashamed to show their face, that they are suffering with health issues and the raw food diet did not make them immortal. I know this because I also went through a short stage of trying to be ‘the raw food health guru with all the answers’. Sorry I do not buy it anymore and I know that what people say they do and what they really do are 2 different things. So I still feel lost, sometimes helpless and frustrated, sometimes inspired, sometimes a little defeated but I always keep trying. Tomorrow is another day and every moment is a moment of change.....

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