Super-Charging My Life – My Detox Experience

Ducks in a row

After feeling crap, getting down and depressed and feeling sorry for myself, I am ready to kick start my life! It is time to let go of the low-vibe and fly high again!

One of the main reasons I was motivated to detox is because I finally grasped the fact that if I truly want to be radiantly healthy and rawsomely beautiful, I needed to clean out my body. Cleaning out the gunk in my lymph system and stored in my cells takes time and determination. I realise now that there are no short cuts. No supplements. No miracle cures and no magic fairies that will ever do this for me. I need to do the work.

I believe that only a clean body can feel vibrant and energised from the inside out! Nothing is going to give me lasting results if my body is blocked up with toxic waste. The centre of my physical universe is my digestive system. This is the space I digest ‘life’. It is very difficult to feel peaceful and happy when my tummy is in agony. Many natural Doctors, such as Dr Herbert Shelton believe that all mental illnesses originate in the intestines. I believe this to be true from my own experience. My digestive system is a mess and my mind is suffering.

Another big reason to begin this detox was the state of my mind. My mind was agitated and I did not feel calm and balanced. I was waking up feeling frustrated, irritated and even angry at times. My tummy was always hurting and I was seriously bloated and full of gas! (Poor Jimmy!!) Candida was aggravated and my skin was breaking out. I was gaining weight and puffing up with water retention. I woke up feeling stiff and achy! Out niggling health issues were returning.

I felt uncomfortable in my own skin!

I had no desire or energy to do the things I love, like yoga, run, write blogs, finish my recipe book and be an active player in day to day life around the house and on the farm. I felt confused as to what to eat and at times felt helpless. I felt crap on all levels!

Struggling with the ‘what to eat’ scenario, I had one foot in the raw boat and one foot in the simple cooked vegan food boat. I was doing the splits! I realise now that I need to stick to one thing and get the results.

I wanted to keep things simple and get enough calories to have energy to function and be active! No idea how I would feel and what results the detox would bring, I was ready! Happy to know I was taking my health into my own hands and doing something to improve the way I was feeling, instead of getting down and feeling sorry for myself! The Pain was strong, so the motivation was HIGH! The energy we put in is the energy we will get out and I want to feel amazing!

It is time to SUPER-CHARGE my life!
Full of inspiration and motivation, cleansing begins!

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

Week 1 -Super–Charge Detox Plan - Changes and Results

At the end of week 1 of my Detox Plan I already feel like a different person! The light is shinning again and with every day that passes, it shines even brighter. Not knowing what I would experience during my detox, results have far outweighed my expectations! The first day was surprisingly easy. I felt a sense of relief knowing I had a plan. I had clear guidelines about what to eat and there was no cheating! Mono-fruit meals, fruit and veggie juices and liquids are all that would pass my lips. No concoction, no recipes, no raw veggies or greens. No fats and definitely no cooked food. The constant chitter-chatter about ‘what should I eat’ was no longer there. This was a huge relief! It opened up SO much space for more meaning things to fill the space.

I was gentle on myself. I chose a realistic program that allowed me to feel empowered rather than deprived. The small and simple changes were bringing HUGE results, much greater than my expectations. Maybe the universe knows I need this encouragement to stay motivated and not allow doubt to get in the way of my dreams!

I ate with awareness, trying to tune in to my bodies needs.

I tried hard not to over load my digestive system. I wanted to keep things light and simple. I was very aware to give good spacing between any meals and only eat one type of fruit at a time. I also did not want to make the soggy compost heap in my tummy any soggier, so did not gulp down unnecessary amounts of liquid or over eat. I did a 10km run on the beach on Day 1 and allowed myself to re-carb on bananas as we had amazing bananas from the farm although bananas was not on the plan. Eating bananas after a run I now realize is a wise choice and helps curb the post run hunger. After another 2 runs I did this week without eating bananas post-run I was taking strain! I needed food and I began to dream of eating a bowl of steamed potatoes, quinoa or steamed heart of palm from a peach palm tree. I was genuinely hungry!

Surprisingly these were the only 2 times I thought about eating anything else except fruit, tomatoes, orange juice or green juice. When at home in a calmer environment I feel so content and do not crave anything, but going out and about and vamping up the activity levels, makes things a bit more tricky. Other than that, I am pleasantly surprised how satisfied I feel and my desire to eat constantly had decreased drastically. I can function again and not think about food all day long! Yeh!!

If they only knew...

Simple is Always Best! Week 1 - Detox Observations and Results

This week has been surprisingly easy and dare I say, actually enjoyable! This is a real blessing and huge surprise. I re-call on Day 4 reflecting on how easy I was finding it to stick with the plan! No deprivation, no hunger, no suffering!

It felt so good to wake up with a peaceful feeling in my tummy and in my mind again. This was a HUGE bonus for me. No more belly aches and the painful gas was a lot less, although I still had days with some gas it was nothing in comparison. The cleansing fruit is mixing with toxic matter in my intestines and causing a chemical reaction!

I am not walking around looking like I am 8 months pregnant and about to explode like a hot air balloon anymore! Woohoo! I am super happy to be feeling more energetic and enthusiastic about life and all my new projects. I felt inspired and happy to be alive again. I no longer feel like an old grump with no energy! Wow I am so happy about the changes I have felt in just 1 week. Jimmy has said a few times in a joking way, that I am never allowed to eat cooked food again!

There were a few cleansing reactions but I feel so many improvements in my body and mind that I know I am doing the right thing to help my body heal. I had a break out of a few pimples on my cheeks but other skin issues cleared up. I also had bad thrush on day 3 and wandered if I was drinking too much orange juice and if all the sugar was playing havoc. Everything else felt SO much better so I had faith things would improve. The symptoms disappeared by the next day.

Within a few days I observed less aches and pains in my body. My yoga practice improved due to the increased flexibility I was experiencing. Acid in the system causes stiffness and pain in the body. My body is becoming more alkaline and my blood and lymph system are cleaning out.

I noticed an improvement in my appearance and changes in my face. I feel clearer and more radiant. Jimmy commented on my glowing complexion and clear skin. I am rapidly giving myself a natural face lift! He said I already look younger. A man who says the right things! I’m a lucky woman!

My energy levels have increased in heaps and bounds!

My mind is clearer and I feel like a nicer person to have around. Another thing that I unexpectedly experienced was an increase in my sex drive. After having absolutely no sex drive and things being very painful down there for many months now, this is a huge change and a celebrated one indeed ;-)

On so many levels I feel a drastic improvement and what is very pleasantly surprising is just how easy this week has been. Time has flown by. I feel so satisfied. My desire to eat has decreased which is a relief and helps my body to detox more as I am giving my digestive system a break. I am amazed how good I feel without being hungry or feeling deprived! Simple really is best!

To read more about the Detox plan I set up for myself and how I came about it, Read this article called, "Super Charge My Life - Detox Plan!".

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